Service Excellence

Elixim enhances every day our welcome services. The reception of visitors got professional and gained quality. We count now with precise statistics of all the activities performed at the front desk, continuous performance and a fixed yearly budget. But the best benefit of all is, that it doesn’t cost us any time or effort and the improvement towards excellent is amazing.

Local Expert
Worldwide Backup

Flexim Group has 21 offices in 17 countries. Each harbouring a team of local experts, backed up by a strong international network. Thus they can tap into a world of knowledge and take care of any facility challenge you throw at them. No matter if you aim to set a new standard in customer service or need help developing a complex project. Since its foundation in 1998, Flexim has been active in a sector that first had to carve out and conquer its market…

Elixim SA

Cour des Tanneurs 14
1095 Lutry

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Elixim SA
Cour des Tanneurs 14
1095 Lutry, Suisse